6 Creative Ways How to Promote NFT Project in 2022

Did you create your own NFT project, which you have fallen in love with, and you think about how to promote it, so you can address as many collectors as possible? Are you new in the world of NFT or are you a skilled creator, who just does not know how to spread your brilliant idea?

What determines the success of the NFT?

What is the main factor, giving value to NFTs? Their thought? Technical specifications? Their design? WRONG! The main factor is successful marketing. We live in a world where our feelings and popularity decide what we buy and what we find attractive.

Whenever we like it or not, this is the fact we have to be working with and it is also one of the main reasons why notfin was created. We love NFTs as much as you and therefore we decided to help you to promote yours. Do you want to know how to do it?

How can your NFT gain popularity?

Some good news and some of not so bad news to start with. We are currently living in a society which is crazy and thirsty for cryptocurrencies and want to own one, two or even several of them at once!

What about the other, not so bad, news? Promoting NFT projects is art and from this reason it is not easy. It takes a lot of time, experiments and knowledge, if you do it on your own.

You can of course hurry up this process (and even make it much more profitable) by cooperating with professionals. What are the main areas where you must put your focus on?

(Small) Influencers

What to do when you are not a social media person and only followers are your best friends and your family? One word – influencers!

These people have something you currently do not have – a fan base. This cooperation can be quite expensive (depends on influencer´s popularity) but can yield you a massive amount of new followers or even investors.


Not many people know this, but in most cases it is much more profitable to pay several smaller influencers than just one bigger. It is even much easier to reach them and make a deal.

Imagine the situation you paid a mid-size influencer to promote your NFT project. This decision can naturally grant you some kind of a kick for sure, but now imagine investing the same amount of money and use it to pay for a few smaller influencers.

Make them act at the same time – all of them to post about your NFT at the same moment, all of them to change their profile pictures at the same time.

Now there is only one thing you have to do - retweet their posts on your official Twitter!

This little trick will cause a real tsunami. Other people will soon notice that “regular people” are talking a lot about you.

This situation creates much more trust than in a case of a big influencer (people are aware that these big influencers are making a bag of cash every time they promote something they do not even know anything about).


Mentioned small influencers will be so glad to work with new great projects that sometimes they will not even ask for money. Offer them a spot in a white-list or even a free piece of your NFT for their cooperation. Save your budget for other marketing strategies.

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Upcoming NFT list websites

The fastest and the most efficient way how to easily promote your new NFT. One of the biggest benefits of these sites is the fact that they are visited by people who already want to buy NFTs!

It is like a big base of thirsty investors and you are the one with water. These websites are undoubtedly the best choice you can make on your way to gain popularity for your NFT.

Daily, these golden mines are visited by an uncountable amount of potential buyers and this is your chance!

We do not want to brag but we have the biggest user base in this area, so there is a solid chance to fulfill your NFT dreams on notfin (adding your project is completely free!).


If you really want to steal the show and make a big impact, consider running paid promotion. It is not that expensive and literally ALL people on notfin will see your project (a lot of people).

We talk about people looking for new NFTs to invest daily. Thousands of them. All their eyes on you. They all will realize this is not just another cheap project with no budget or a team, not willing to invest in it.

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Grow your NFT audience


Nothing gets into minds (of potential investors) like a funny thing that makes you laugh. Nothing is also easier to get you around people.

Try to make a random person to retweet your sales-post or an advertisement. Create a great MEME, promoting your NFT, which will make people LOL… and then just watch you getting bigger reach than you could ever dream of.

If you are talented in this area of art, just go for it! It can be promoted on many platforms and will surely help a lot!

There is also a possibility to hire someone good to create some masterpiece for you – try Fiverr or Upwork and Freelancer (always ask to see previous work of a freelancer, before hiring him). You will be surprised how many people offer MEME creating for their living!


Try not to push too hard on promotion of your NFT. Make it as much organic as possible. That is the only way how to get the organic (unstoppable and free) reach across all social networks.


Try to get these memes everywhere! You never know who will love it and share it afterwards. Use them as replies to various threads on Twitter. Use them in Discord posts of other NFT projects. Do not SPAM! Be organic and never push too much.

Activity in the NFT world

This can be a long journey but it is also quite beneficial. What are we talking about? Who will be more popular?

A quiet kid who spends his days in solitude of his room or a friendly extrovert, spending his time around other people?

You must be the friendly extrovert in the NFT world. Buy NFTs of other people, chat with them, be friendly and slowly get known.

Comment everything related to you on Twitter. Go to Discord channels of other projects and be active. Do not try to sell it too much. Be friendly. Just be seen.


Many NFT project´s Discords have channels dedicated just to show and promote other projects. If your project really stands out, use this benefit to make it even more popular.

SEO (search engine optimization)

SEO is a very important move to gain organic visitors for your new NFT project. The trick is to use the most searched queries people look for when deciding which NFTs to purchase.

Mentioned sentences can look like this: “How to buy an NFT?”, “Best NFTs to buy” or “Best NFT tokens”. There are of course a lot of searched sentences, so it takes some research or hiring someone to do this boring work for you.

When you do this step righteously, you can expect a lot of easily gained visitors afterwards!

The only problem with this method is that it takes time, therefore you will not see results overnight (not even in a week).

However, if you really mean it with your project and you are here for a long-run, then surely do not sleep on SEO and organic traffic. This huge FREE traffic, coming from Google day after day, can really change a course of your project.


The most important thing in SEO is to get good, niche-related backlinks to your website. Once you add your project to notfin (for free!) you will automatically get an extremely powerful backlink from us.

Paid ads

Another great tools (of course when managed correctly) are paid ads on some of the most visited sites, like Google ads, Microsoft ads, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and others. These ads can be hard to optimize and properly handled, unless you hire professionals to do it for you. You can also think you can do it alone, but trust us, poorly made ads are nothing more than terrible waste of your money.


Another way how to do paid ads is to buy a dedicated banner spot on specific websites and do not use pay-to-click systems. However, this also might be tricky because you have to find and choose website(s) with NFT-related traffic. Paying for “regular folks” is really an expensive strategy, which will not bring you the desired benefit.

As you see, there is a plethora of the sophisticated possibilities how to address investors and market your NFT project.

We are aware that most of NFT creators just love making their projects and you do not want to bother yourself with so many concerns, needed to spread your art.

With this in our mind we created notfin, where we are happy to take care of your needs and help you to achieve your success.

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Grow your NFT audience