Alpha Mutants


Are a one-stop shop for education, alpha, analysis tools and community learning and support.

Our upcoming collection is called “First Class” which is a 10,000 supply. Holding one grants access to ALL utility, analytics and giveaways.

The Alpha Mutants, We’re an education platform for web 3.

Our discord is jam packed with educational material, alpha, market watch tools and our private node is almost complete. Voice chat live mint analysis and unique training sessions are also happening on request.

We have an amazing team with a hugely successful private investor in co-founder Kenneth Null @cryptokenny.

He’s an incredible strategist for the project and a great coach to the Mutants.

The other founders and team members are all highly skilled professionals from the top of their respective fields – you can check them out on our whitepaper.

Mint Date: August 18th

Mint Price: 0.025Eth

We believe everyone should have access good to a web3 education and you’ll get a sick X-Men style PFP as your access pass to the Alpha Mutants.

Imagine Xavier’s Institute for the Gifted, but our Mutants teach Crypto and NFTs

How to Whitelist?

To get a guaranteed whitelist you can pickup a genesis mutant on secondary markets. Non-genesis members can get whitelist by registering through our premints on our socials or within our discord that are periodically dropped. Our team will also reward users who are active within the community. We do not believe in grinding nor will we ever require it! Also you may join  for the public raffle

Blockchain ethereum
Items 10 000