Breeding Labs – Whitelist Raffle


1 Breeding Lab = 1 Free DNA Vail Claim
Breeding Lab holders can claim 1 free DNA Vial from our Digital Dogs Gen-0 Mint.
What are breeding labs?
Breeding Labs have multiple use cases in the Digital Dogs ecosystems, all connected to the breeding and incubating processes to be presented by the Digital Dogs team. They also reward our earliest adopters and offer them a way to be a part of the ecosystem. “Lab Technicians” who own Breeding Labs will take part in several aspects of the project and reap all the benefits of those processes.
As mentioned in our Discord announcement, you can think about the Breeding Labs like metaverse land but with specific utility rather than something to build on. At the initial stage, “Lab Technicians” won’t need to manage or create processes proactively but own that piece of the ecosystem.

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