Bubbly Dolphin



1 – Atlantis for Bubbly Dolphines –
Creating a community that supports one another and spreads positive energy.
In addition, we will organize IRL meetups like private beach party and pool parties, members only events, so they can see what Bubbly Dolphin is all about.

2 – Bubbly Dolphins Studio –
It is still early days for digital art, and we remain convinced of that. As the Dolphins family, after the launch we are going to publicly open a Bubbly Dolphins Studio where all kinds of artists meet Web3 enthusiasts.
Bringing art to life and expressing creativity will be possible through the exchange, confrontation, and evolution of ideas.
New Marine friends of Bubbly Dolphins will be airdropped only for holders.

3 – Staking systems
You will be able to stake our Bubbly Dolphins to earn $Bubbles.

4 – New world needs New currency –
$Bubbles can be used in the universe of Bubbly Dolphins
This could give you the opportunity to collect new Bubbly Dolphins, and their fellow friends by raffles and newly mints
Get new custom merchandise, and take part in exclusive events around the world to celebrate Bubbly Dolphin!

5 – Merchandise
We started the Bubbly Dolphins with a aim of creating a brand creating unique product line that is based on community involvement and support.

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