Castles of Riveria


Castles of Riveria is 7777 pieces generated NFT collection on the Solana network that aims to launch a crypto-based e-commerce platform with exclusive web 2 and web 3 utilities. On a short-term basis, our collection will be providing traditional web3 utilities to its holders such as tokenomics, staking, holders-only marketplace, and more. In the long term, our ultimate goal is to create a brand that bridges Web2 and Web3 and also creates a usage area for the crypto community.

The E-commerce platform will be providing exclusive utilities to its own holders such as free shipping, real discounts, partner deals, and more.

Riveria is the first e-commerce platform in the web3 market and our vision is to lead this market. Being first in the current market forces us to invent new things to build up the bridge. Our goal consists of adding more value to the Web3 community and delivering more utilities to our collection and holders. We are pioneers! More to build.

Blockchain Solana
Items 7 777