This fall will bring you 8,888 reasons to watch your back!

Have you ever caught yourself thinking that everything in this world is too serious? Poor or rich, we all have problems to face. We carry them in our heads all the time, up to the point that some of us even have bad dreams about them.

But what if we let go of them for a while and just put a big smile on. Nobody can prove what is right and what is wrong, so why do we care. Nobody can prove that going over the speed limit in your brand new Ferrari is wrong. Similarly, nobody can prove that beating up your aggravative boss is a terrible idea. You might go insane thinking like that. Or will you? Who would prove that one then?

There is a gang full of Clownz that trapped themselves in that way of thinking. There are no problems for them, no remorses. There is nothing they can’t do, and there is nothing they have to do. Their life never gets serious. And why would it? As one famous clown once said, “why so serious”? They are living their best life submerged in the chaos. And God knows what will happen to those who will try to discourage them.

We can’t say if it’s bad or good for them. All we can say is that they are thirsty to get into our world. Let’s let them in!

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