CryptoRalph – first real person punks


CryptoRalph is the first real person’s life on the blockchain (some called them “first real person punks” 😉

The 1.089 collectable NFTs are created by Alexa Wagner, a Munich based Artist, as unique generative Art work. They cover four phases from Toddler to Midlife with 74 hand made traits showing details of real Ralph’s life.

Some additional information and facts:
– CryptoRalph was generated randomly but still each individually is somehow telling a story – to poof this is possible was core of the art project
– Age groups are representing the different stages of real Ralph from kid to young man to midlife until his 50th birthday.
– Attributes are designed according to things that Ralph owned / owns and somehow played a role in his life
– Aliens and Zombies represent more rare and extraordinary moments in real Ralph’s life
– 33 is real Ralph’s lucky number and there are 1.089 CryptoRalph (equal to 33×33)

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Items 1 089