Deerluminati Founders Dao


To participate you must fill up form and wait for approve. We will inform the approved candidates in an announcement on the discord server and in a private message on twitter

Form link:


Cards info:

* members can mint 2 cards per wallet * each participant has an equal chance to mint any type of card * the price of the cards will be converted to eth and will be equal to 80$ * the cards may be minted by members whose applications will be approved ━━━━━━━━━

Official documentation:

Https://official-documents.Gitbook.Io/deerluminati/deerluminati-project/founders-dao ━━━━━━━━━

Cards benefits:

1. Ownership of a valuable nft card that entitles to participate in dao – members have real impact on building all future projects of our development team
2. Membership in elite group of founders which consists of a selected group of collectors, enthusiasts and hodlers in nft space
3. Shareholding in all future collections and projects of our development team
4. Early access to the latest informations about our updates and development
5. Depending on the type of card, members will receive a certain number of free mints in the deerluminati genesis collection
6. Taking part in exclusive airdops – the first one will be the mystery chests airdrop
7. Access to private founders space on our discord server and founder role
8. Access to whitelists of other nft projects that we will deliver to dao
9. Many other mysterious benefits – members will know about them in right time

Blockchain Ethereum
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