Deus Ultimate Warzone


Human bodies have been substituted for avatars, rationality for intuition, consciousness for the subliminal. The traditional parameters which governed society, law, commerce and culture for generations have been vigorously abandoned in favour of the limitless possibilities unshackled by the serendipitous yet fateful stumbling upon of the fourth dimension – the world of the metaverse.

Digital worlds unlocked by the metaverse, from which thousands upon thousands of projects of colour, emotion and experience have spun out, unleashing the dormant artistic divinity within civilization which had been held back by external yet self-imposed structures, designed at first to govern us but eventually imprisoning us with categorisations, labels, “convention”.

Follow the journey of our protagonist, The Old Timer as They embark on a pathway of transcendence, unravelling the synesthetic addictions of the society of the future. In this quest, The Old Timer grows into something much more than a hero, a creator, and even then, it is not enough, before realization of the ultimate truth sets Them free, decentralising divinity and giving birth to our Deities – DEUS’ first generation of NFTs who are your avatars to unleash divine offensives in our streetfighting game.

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