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Welcome to Dream Society NFT
Dreams Yesterday, Reality Today
8,888 Dreamers Building a Community w/ Influencers & IRL Dream Events + Meetups in CA, TX, FL, NY + Internationally (Brazil, Singapore, EU, PH, etc.)
Collection by Artists from DreamWorks, Marvel & Bob’s Burgers
Dream Society is a community-centered, utility-based NFT project that emphasizes bringing both Web3 & physical value to our holders. We plan on executing this in conjunction to bringing the dreams of our influencers and holders to life through exclusive events and perks.

Our 5+ partnered influencers and 10+ ambassador influencers amass an audience of over 20 million+ on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Our Project Roadmap includes 12 physical events (for now.. more in progress) featuring our influencers, major brand partnerships, major NFT project collaborations, and more! Our holders will have VIP access to all these exclusive perks, with more partnerships on the way!

We are giving our holders ownership and perks to 3 different businesses wholly owned by Dream Society. This includes dividend-like rewards from these businesses!

FREE merch for all holders awarded through multiple merch-claim token drops.

Artists from DreamWorks, Marvel, & Bob’s Burgers.

Dream Society NFT is a collection of 8,888 featuring 6 different base characters, all with unique traits and backgrounds that feature our base characters’ origins.

Partnered with Dented Feels and Zipcy’s SuperNormal during NFT NYC for a Dream Society x Dented Feels x Zipcy SuperNormal Web3Fest Party and Activation at VR World in NYC.

Partnered with 13 Play Lounge & HiteJinro for an NFT LA Party.

Partnered with SunRight Tea Studios for bi-weekly meet-ups with FREE BOBA & Events.
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