Fast Food Wolf Game


Wolf Game pioneered new types of NFT mechanics BUT Fast Food Wolf Game brings it to Polygon – with a Fast Food twist! Low gas fees at full functionality! FFWG NFT holders are guaranteed to get more value for their coins.

– 10,000 Gen 0 Sheep/Wolves for 75 MATIC each
– 40,000 Gen 1 Sheep/Wolves will be bought with FFWOOL
– Staked Sheep in the barn to earn FFWOOL
– On unstake of a Sheep, Wolves will try to steal all accumulated FFWOOL
– When a new Sheep is born, Wolves will try to steal it, if they are successful, a Wolf gets the Sheep instead of the minter
– deflationary mechanism

50% of the proceeds from Gen 0 minting will be locked to fund liquidity for $FFWOOL.

Blockchain polygon
Items 50 000