Ghost Buddy NFT


The quality of all 5,555 NFTs has been ensured & it was one of challenging task to make it up to standard with 100% quality with unique traits and rarities.

Community – Community is our heart. No matter what the cost is, we will always strive to provide the best value to our community & This will never end.

Reward – We value community above all else, so our loyal holders deserve regular rewards. Our hardworking crew continuously strives to provide as much as we can.

Wallpaper – Based on the NFTs art, everyone will have a unique mobile and desktop wallpaper. It’ll match your buddy’s vibe 😉

Partnership – We believe Web3 is an open world and We must hold each other’s hands to make web3 a better place. As we are ready to help other artist, communities & contribute Web3 program So that will come with a benefit for all of us.

Marketplace – A platform that is yours. Where you can purchase Whitelist, Subscriptions, Claim Art, Comic & much more items only with our tokens in our marketplace.

Staking – Ghost Buddy holders who stake their NFTs are eligible to earn our token. Any item from our marketplace can be purchased with tokens.

Comics Book – Who doesn’t love to read comics book? Since we already have a great story about a magical world to earth, a full story will be published with our comics.

Metaverse – Metaverse will be our home in the near future, and we are prepared to have everything there, including land, parks, and events.

DAO – We will execute all decisions independently and transparently, as voted on by Ghost Buddy Holders, to support up-coming NFT projects or Web3 projects ,& as well as any major decision.

Blockchain Ethereum
Items 5 555