Goodmorning Town is a parallel universe with Earth, and a world of Goodmorning Princess’s imagination.Tired from the violence and cruelty of Earth, Goodmornig Princess built the world of Goodmorning Town that is full of peace. The people in the town are created based on humans on Earth, but they love and lean on each other, life full of happiness because they do not have those selfishness and greed that Terrans do.One day, something fell from the sky in Goodmorning Town. It was a fashion magazine that a Terran threw out from the spaceship. The citizens got fascinated after reading the magazine, and they headed to Earth to fulfill their curiosity…

About this project
666 Unique Premium NFTs
66+ Legendary Unique Attributes

All of Goodmorningtown 666NFTs will drop during 3 weeks.
All NFTs traits and attributes will be generated randomlyand revealed after the public sale.

Road Map
-An offline event
-A collaboration work with other IPs
-NARCI Air drop
-Limited edition goods for the holders


*The GoodmorningTown NFT’s minting date, that was set to be 4/28, has been delayed once again. This time it’s sometime in September which is somewhat far from now. Please read above.



111 NFTs will mint on September, 2022 UTC.


Second round

222 NFTs will mint on September, 2022 UTC.


Third round

333 NFTs will mint on September, 2022 UTC.

Blockchain ethereum
Items 666