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hovoxo is an Art based project featuring 555 Genesis NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain.
Our Artist themed NFTs are curated by a team of experts, rendered in 4K resolution, and made available for you to download and use as at your disposal (IP rights).
We aspire to be a go to PFP in the Web3 Space, providing Quality Digital Art, Backgrounds, & Posters for NFT Enthusiasts and Music Lovers, who wish to rep their Favorite Artists.
Holding the Genesis NFT will provide access to exclusive communities, and grant Whitelist to subsequent NFT Collections
We believe that our NFT collection will be a great method of bridging Web3 & Web2, by creating a fun & lighthearted way of introducing Family Members & Friends into NFTs, by sending them Digital Art of their favorite mainstream Artists.

Music NFTs
In our subsequent Collections, we plan to create Music NFTs which will further be accompanied with IP rights.
These NFTs will contain Audio Clips & Beats, which you are able to use in building your own Brand, and in recording your own Music.
Our fully original Beats are produced by an Audio Engineer who is signed to Atlantic Records.

Free Mint. Pay as you Like.
More details TBA.
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