Hungry Meow


Hungry Meow is a collection of 10,000 decorable and diverse NFT characters minting on the OpenSea Polygon blockchain on the 1st of December at 10 a.m. UTC+7! You can mint each Meow at 99 Matic.

Over 20,000 Stylish items, and 145+ trillion Special possible configurations! There are 6 decorative parts available such as Maindish, Beverage, Snack&Sweet, Hat, and Special items (left and right hands). The more decorative parts your Meows wear, the more HEARTs it shows on your Meows’ pics. It means The more, the merrier!!

Up to 10% commission Ref-to-Earn! Become our referral agents by connecting your wallet to have a Referral link. Then, promote nicely to your community. When there is a purchase from your link, the commission will be sent to your wallet immediately.

Hungry Meow is ready to attack the world with its cuteness NOW!! Let’s join this adorable community and be an adopter!

Blockchain polygon
Items 10 000