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Winning this raffle will allow you to secure a free Mint FFC League Right Card NFT worth 0.3 $ETH.
🇫🇷 Note: Each FFC League Right Card contains 1 FFC NFT, and 100% get airdrops for 20,000 $FFC. 🇫🇷
📜 The rights of the holders are as follows:
👉 Users will get the airdrop for 20,000 $FFC for every FFC League Right Card they hold.
👉 100% access to NFT airdrop based on FFC Star Card issued by Chiliz
👉 Priority subscription to a limited number of top Ligue 1 stars and club NFTs
👉 The airdrop for closed beta experience about the FFC eco-football game and prop
👉 Save money on purchases or stand a chance to get other football peripherals, such as player’s signed jerseys for free
👉 Draw tickets to Ligue 1 matches and the benefits of taking photos with the players.
👉 More surprise benefits are waiting for you to explore
About FFC
⚽️ FFC is a project of the football ecosystem on Web3 jointly created by many top football clubs under the Ligue 1. It is committed to building a football metaverse on Web3 through emerging technologies such as fan tokens, NFTs, and football games.
⚽️ FFC has now partnered with Toulouse, a top Ligue 1 club. Toulouse is the first team to join FFC, and more top Ligue 1 clubs will sign up soon. Please stay tuned.

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