Memorial Stones


‘Memorial Stones’ are 5,000 commemorative NFTs on Ethereum that are the keys to a personalized memorial space in the ‘Remember Metaverse’

Each ‘Memorial Stone’ is delicately crafted with quality by 3D designers and concept artists for you to tell the story of the loved one that passed away forever on the blockchain.

Each owner of a ‘Memorial Stone’ has access to a personalized commemorative space in the ‘Remember Metaverse’ to keep your cherished memories from text, sound, images, and 3D objects that can be safely stored and displayed for visitors to commemorate and pay their respects to the people being remembered by the owner.

The ‘Remember Metaverse’ is the virtual space being built to keep everlasting memories of those who have or will have passed before us. The metaverse consists of multiple unique places where distinct collections of ‘Memorial Stones’ are located.

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‘Memorial Stones’ are minting on December 8th! Don’t miss this opportunity to claim a place for your cherished loved ones in the ‘Remember Metaverse’

Blockchain ethereum
Items 5 000