Meta Chipmunks Club


Meta Chipmunks Club NFTs are 1,000 unique NFTs.

These 1.000 unique Meta Chipmunks NFT. have programmatically generated Chipmunk built a utopia in the Metaverse! Each Meta Chipmunks is unique and 1 of over 450 billion possible combinations.

Each Meta Chipmunks is a cuddly key to a community of crypto enthusiasts sharing their love and knowledge of all things NFT.

They are ERC-721 tokens hosted on IPFS.


The Launch of Meta Chipmunks Hub App!

The Ultimate Hub for the Meta Chipmunks. With world-class UI/UX developer Deelow, we will launch a platform where all Meta Chipmunks holders can share news, meet new friends and find novel business opportunities. The app is solely for the holders of Meta Chipmunks, and its purpose is to bring the utilities offered into a smart UI.


Buying Lands in Metaverse

We will hold a voting session where holders can vote on what land in the Metaverse to buy. A fully DAO process, community will decided, Decentraland and/or The Sandbox, the choice is yours!


The Meta Chipmunks Box

By Staking Meta Chipmunks in the vault, you will receive a Meta Chipmunks Box every 15 days. What is in the box? The Meta Chipmunks’sFather will reward you with early access to Top NFT Projects, WL spots, even Free NFTs for the worthy Rūpus.


Clothing Collection

Launching our very own Meta Chipmunks clothing line. The collection is only available for Holders of Meta Chipmunks. Collaboration with a world renowned brand is on its way…


Events, Trips, Unique Experiences & All Night Long Parties!

IRL Events
Plans are in motion to organise parties all around the world, from France to London, from Miami to Australia. Meta Chipmunks holders can book exclusive trips and experiences directly from the app at low prices. Not only can you meet the Meta Chipmunks’sFather himself, you can also make new friends and connections in the NFT space. These events are fully funded by the Treasury.

Virtual Gatherings
Attend virtual events such as videoconferences about the NFT market and analysis, project announcements, gaming sessions, Metaverse parties, exclusive presentations of novel projects and many more….



We have concluded a deal with the biggest upcoming NFT project to date. We have signed NDAs, so we can’t reveal much… But we can say that this project has been in the making for 6 months with a team of 60 people involved. They are all leaders in their domains, ranging from city development, video production, and graphic design.


We in the game

We can’t wait to serve you Gen2 evolution opportunities, minigames for your Meta Chipmunks and digitally authenticated NFT frames. Let’s get fancy.

Blockchain Ethereum
Items 1 000