MyLand Metaverse | Genesis


Genesis is our first NFT collection in Myland Metaverse. It will occupy a 10×10 land in our first district. Genesis has been designed by FGMF and developed by Mint Studios. The Genesis project will consist in 3 towers with a total of 10.000 units. The units will be a mixture of residential suites, retail and service stores, and commercial units. Each NFT will give its’ holder(s) access to a specific property in the Genesis collection.

Here, holders will be able to interact within their virtual space by walking through it, communicating through their avatars, and inviting others to join their space. Our primary focus is to develop a space that is not only cutting-edge in terms of functionality, but also a welcoming space where commerce, leisure, and productive activities can take place. Holders will be able to work, play, shop, learn, play and socialize.Genesis holders will have the ability to stake and rent out their properties to earn Myland´s token.

Blockchain Ethereum
Items 10