Let the trumpets sound & rejoice, for the Ooonimals have returned to strike loads of cuteness & furry vibes to win over the hearts of the masses! Once considered extinct & remaining dormant for multiple millennia, the Ooonimals have since broken from the ether, the No-where-ness, a dream-state world called the “Oooniverse”. The dream-state we all visited one time or another, that we sometimes catch a glimpse of, when falling asleep and dreaming; and as adults now, we force ourselves to forget. The more we lose our connection to the Oooniverse, the more “adulty” we become, and the less magical-ness & wonder we experience in our lives. The Ooonimals fear that our world has become broken, and people have become too detached from the dream-state world. And this is why the Ooonimals have returned to be reunited with their human companions once and for all. These adorable yet sagacious creatures are coming to wake us up from the slumber of adulthood (all 10,444 of them!), and bring magical kick-ass energy back into our lives. Let all your stress-induced layers of being an adult melt down until you are a kid again, full of joy & excited for what’s to come in the future.

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