Ryder Digital Collectibles

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Ryder is the world’s first social wallet. One tap to save, swap, and recover assets. The first edition is limited to 5,003 pieces redeemable for the Ryder device. Each collectible comes with its own unique benefits.
-All-star team from OpenSea, Stacks, Philips, NASA, Aston Martin, Land Rover, Shell, and more
-Raised 1M USD and is in the production cycle
-Sandbox Director of Global Operations as Advisor
-Backed by Trust Machines, SBX, DeSpread and more
-Collabs with ChampsOnly, KaijuKings, etc.
-Events with Animoca, Stacks and more
-Official Partnership with x2y2, NFTdaily, Creepz, and more
Ryder digital collectible rewards include an evolving PFP, special trip with the team, luxury merch collection collaborated with independent brands in the EU and US, domain names, memorabilia, exclusive access, and more surprises.

Blockchain Ethereum
Items 5 003