Shibaku is an AI Generative, 3D Video NFT. The first of its kind.

Each Shibaku is packed with utlility for the holder.

Firstly, a Shibaku grants the holder access to an ARG collaborative Metaverse adventure game that’s currently being built and will be available shortly after the mint. Holders will collaborate to solve mysteries, complete challenges, find the elders and win rewards.

Your Shibaku also gives you entry into a daily, Metaverse raffle with prizes to be won. Just by holding your Shibaku, you are guaranteed entry into each draw. Plug your Shibaku into the portal and pull the lever to see 6 symbols that have been drawn for that particular day. If the 6 symbols your Shibaku minted with match those in the draw, you’re a winner.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Shibaku is a voting ID and gives the holder a voice in the World’s first metaDAO.
We’ve used merkle trees to whitelist holders of the nine most prominent dog tokens in the cryptospace. Only holders of these tokens can mint a Shibaku (unless you’re lucky enough to grab a presale spot).
Why have we done this? Well, we want holders of Shibaku to authentically represent the dog coiner community of crypto. Soon after Shibaku launches, more tribes will follow, each with their own unique, NFT series – Bitcoiners, Ethereans, Solareans and so on.

These tribes will need to use our cutting edge voting tech to propose and reach consensus on the best way to spend a large public goods fund of money that’s generated from secondary sales profits. Our aim with Shibaku and subsequent tribes, is to unite the fragmented crypto space. Make each tribe work together and profit.

Blockchain ethereum
Items 9 999