Silly Sloths – Whitelist and Public Mint


Here at Silly Sloths were growing the community of fantastical NFTs, and shaping the future of blockchain technology. There is no better time than now to engage with the world of digital currency. We plan to grow the Silly Sloth family, and have fun doing it!

Silly Sloths is a visionary art collection guaranteed to surprise you. Our sloth friends are one-of-a-kind digital creations who love to have a good time. They are 100% hand drawn and personally curated to make you smile. There’s no guessing what your Silly Sloth will be up to, and that’s the most exciting part. Each sloth has its own personality, style, and interests. Good luck trying to keep up with these guys.

Silly Sloth values originality and authenticity. You are guaranteed a 100% random drawing after minting, and then get to meet your very own Silly Sloth. Everyone has an equal opportunity of drawing our rare sloths, the possibilities are endless. While no two sloths are the same, they are all guaranteed to be silly!

Blockchain ethereum
Items 10 000