Space Geese


Space Geese is an NFT project consisting of a series of games that tells the story of a hyper-technologized society of geese in a dystopian future. This species has abused its planet to such an extent that it is on the verge of collapse.

That is why the most powerful sector of society has decided to build an ark that will save them from extinction. But only 5,555 of them will be able to escape, which is the size of the collection.

Four games. Each one will be different in terms of mechanics and design. The games are intertwined with the main narrative that will be told in the comic. The games will be available on the Space Geese platform.

Equipment: there will be different aircraft, skins, and weapons with which you can equip your character for each game. Moreover, we will have a currency within the game with which you can buy the equipment.

Blockchain ethereum
Items 5 555