Stoned Ape Club


with plans to decentralize cannabis real estate development and land ownership worldwide.


First gamified cannabis real estate NFT with 9,000 Stoned Apes vs 1,000 Feds competing for precious $TOKE with even higher stakes.


Mint an Elite Ape with 1 Grand Prize of $250,000 ETH with 9 other chances to win $10,000 ETH each, along with weekly giveaways.


For each Stoned Ape owned, you are also part-owner of a legal marijuana microbusiness and are assigned a physical plot of the land.


Don’t miss out on exclusive invitations to future private VIP tours of nurseries, grows, dispensaries, and our Hot Box Rocket Parties where you will get a chance to meet the most influential people in the Cannabis space!



Blockchain ethereum
Items 10 000