Sussy Snails


Rumor has it that more and more snails have been witnessed trespassing into the Solana blockchain, wearing all kinds of camouflage in order to go by unnoticed. While the Solana ecosystem hosts increasingly more creatures day by day, one cannot help but wonder why this is happening.

It looks like all living creatures have started creating escape plans from our planet. Maybe it is that their houses are being torn down? Or maybe it is that their food is nowhere to be found… Maybe it is that the air and the water is way too warm to enjoy at this point?

Whatever the reason is, the snails look like they know who to blame. The question is.. on whose side are you?

The Sussy Snails is a 2.525(almost) randomly generated & unique art collection, made with lots of care by two friends. While the initial idea was based on the pure adoration for these little creatures, along the way it was decided that this project could mean much more than that. With that being said, our intention is to influence and play our own small part to reverse this seemingly losing fight for a better future for all our fellow animals, and also for us, the human race.

Blockchain solana
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