The elephant house


With 100 hand-drawn attributes and a little bit of coding magic, Elephant House is home to 3333 uniquely generated Elephants.

□ An elephant never forgets

Minters secure lifetime access to exclusive raffles: holders or not. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

□ House inhabitants​

Holders vote for partner NFT projects and get access to our raffles – where every draw gives them a chance to win NFTs and SOL.

□ Stronger as a herd

10% mint sales & 80% second market fees will go directly to community wallet and used to partner with Solana NFT projects. SOL & collected NFTs from floor swept & other project mints will be entirely distributed to the house through exclusive raffles.

Be notified of the stakes to be won in our bi-weekly raffle by following our discord and twitter, or click here

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