Tree Poets


Join Tree Poets to form the most charity focused NFT community by creating gifts to be tax deductible donations as a play to earn game to create The Book of Leaves as sought by Leonardo da Vinci to solve all problems in the world. Charities and non profits get donations, people who donate get NFTs and creators get $POETTREE to upgrade or purchase NFTs so everyone wins. Combine your photos with any poetry in the iOS/Android app to create NFT gifts for donations of amount and charity you specify so if request is successful then reward is won. Choose to donate your copyright ownership of words and/or art to request larger donations and win more rewards. All project funds will go toward funding charities by building the ecosystem with web3 automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning so the most desirable donation gifts can easily be created and distributed. Join now to start collecting IP rights like art and to secure copyright transfers before others!

Blockchain ethereum
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