Utterly Otters Group


The otter wanted to build his own kingdom. To be a brave king, he went on an adventure with his otter friends. He defeated fish, shrimps and clams. Some friends got bit by zombie, he never gave up. He succeeded in claiming a shark tooth and granting himself a nice shark costume. The otter even acquired a mystery magic of fire and ice, helping friends coming back to the life. Finally, the otter and friends were able to defeat the Shark King, “Krahs”. It was the time that the era of the Otter Kingdom has started.

…Long time has passed since then, yet the legacy of the otter is still alive that the otters have become the strongest specie on the Planet Otty. The kingdom now has been changed to the Utterly Otters Group, aka UOG. Not only they are brave, but wise and smart. UOG is the biggest group on the Planet Otty where magic and science coexist!

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